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How to Attend

The Happiness Team Intensive is open to all Gold, Platinum, and Rearden Metal ARCUK Members. 


If you are not already a member or would like to upgrade, visit

Thank you!

What is the Happiness Team Intensive?

The Happiness Team Intensive is a 2-day workshop filled with learnings, thinking and introspection exercises, sharing and practising the world of value-pursuits.


The workshop participants will come out with new concepts and actionable practices on how to identify, plan, pursue and achieve their most important values.


The workshop will help launch accountability teams and groups supporting their members in their value pursuits.


Tal Tsfany is the President & CEO of the Ayn Rand Institute. He has implemented Objectivist principles in his journey to become a successful entrepreneur, businessman and leader. Join Tal in this meaningful experience of the Happiness Team.

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